Child Care Worker Appreciation Day October 24th 2019—“Champions for Children”

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Today we recognize and thank the dedicated, hardworking Early Childhood Educators who take care of our children across Ontario.  They truly are Champions for Children.

In 2019 the early learning and child care community in Ontario has faced immense challenges from the Ford Conservatives. They have cut funding to licensed child care programs and downloaded budget pressures onto municipalities. Ford’s cuts have put child care spaces and ECE jobs at risk in communities across Ontario.

In Peterborough, Ford’s cuts have city councilors debating the closure a municipally run child care centre. In Toronto, Ford’s cuts have put 760 affordable child care spaces at risk. These cuts are devastating for our communities, for the children and families who rely on the services and for the workers whose jobs could be lost.

So, while it is important to celebrate educators this year, it is also vital that we take action to support our early learning and child care system and push back against funding cuts. This is why CUPE Ontario’s Communities not Cuts campaign is so important today. This campaign is about communities across Ontario standing up to say no to the Ford Conservatives’ cuts. It is about protecting the vital services and good jobs that allow our communities to thrive. We can all be Champions for Children by protecting them against attacks from the Ford Conservatives.

CUPE Ontario would like to thank all the Early Childhood Educators for your dedication and commitment to our kids.

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Source: CUPE Ontario