Tell U of S: Paws off our Pension

For decades, CUPE 1975 and the University of Saskatchewan have negotiated changes to the pension plan at the bargaining table.

But now the University wants to leave workers out of the conversation about their retirement security.

The U of S is threatening to make unilateral cuts to the pension plan outside of the collective bargaining table – even though the Local is currently in bargaining. The Employer has stated that it plans to close the benefit pension plan and unnecessarily impose an inferior Defined Contribution (DC) pension plan in its place.
Local 1975 is currently in collective bargaining, hoping to resolve this issue and preserve both their defined benefit pension plan and their right to determine any pension plan changes at the bargaining table. Talks, however, have reached an impasse and a provincial conciliator has been appointed. The Local has a strong strike mandate from its members.
Like all workers, Local 1975 members deserve a decent and secure retirement after a career of work. Like all workers, Local 1975 members deserve to be able to bargain the terms and conditions of their employment, instead of having them imposed unilaterally by an Employer.

Send a message to the University of Saskatchewan and tell them to take their paws off our pension.

Source: CUPE National