“Taking our rightful place”: the CUPE-Quebec convention begins this week

Prendre notre place - SCFP QuébecCUPE-Quebec is holding its 31st biennial convention this week. Starting this Tuesday, May 14 until Friday, May 17, more than 700 convention-goers from the four corners of the province will meet at the Centre des congrès de Québec.

The theme of this year’s convention is “Taking our rightful place.” “CUPE-Quebec wants to and must take its rightful place in the public arena, at work, and at the bargaining table. Failure to do so would amount to taking a pass on democratic life and the changes that are occurring. It would be throwing in the towel in a world undergoing massive change,” said Denis Bolduc, the President of CUPE-Quebec.

Michèle Audette, Commissioner of the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Canada, will deliver the opening remarks on Tuesday morning. Other keynote speakers will take the floor, particularly Daniel Boyer, the President of the FTQ, Mark Hancock and Charles Fleury, who are the President and the National Secretary-Treasurer of CUPE respectively, and Alexandre Boulerice, Deputy Leader of the NDP.

This convention will coincide with the 40th anniversary of the CUPE-Quebec Women’s Committee. A strong delegation of activists is expected. Carole Neill, Vice-President of the CUPE-Quebec university sector, with the cooperation of Louise Harel and Manuelle Oudar, will speak about the dealings leading up to the passage of the Pay Equity Act.

Experts will speak about the major issues confronting the labour force: Nellie Brière, a consultant in digital communications and social media will address the conventionstrategist Karl Bélanger will discuss the place unions have in social debates, and Jocelyn Maclure will make a presentation on the issues of artificial intelligence in the job market.

The environment will also come up for discussion. Patrick Bonin, a spokesman for Greenpeace, will speak on urgent environmental matters, Alice-Anne Simard of Eau Secours on the issue of privatizing water and Francis L’Heureux of the FTQ Solidarity Fund on the topic of fair transition.  

Source: CUPE National