Re Elect Neil Henderson for President

 Serving you in solidarity

Neil Henderson for President

My top priorities for the 2020/2021 term include:

  • Mobilizing members about threats to municipal restructuring and free collective bargaining 
  • Leading our negotiation team to a fair and equitable Collective Agreement settlement in 2021
  • Ensuring that our Collective Agreement language is not compromised and that union members continue to receive strong union representation in all labour relations issues
  • Committing resources for training and skills development for union members and its officers
  • Improving communications with union members

It has been an honour to serve you as President of this great local. I am proud to say that our union has accomplished great things over the last five years. Together we can accomplish much more. 

Since returning to the President’s office in 2015, I have led the Executive Board team to restore transparency, accountability, and sustainability to the local’s finances. I also led the union’s three negotiating teams to achieve fair and equitable Collective Agreements. I will continue to work hard to move our local forward through strong, principled and dedicated leadership. Additionally, I will continue to build and support the trust and engagement of the union’s executive team and all members.

With more than four decades of experience as a union activist, as well as my commitment and drive, you can continue to count on my proven leadership. I look forward to putting my passion, knowledge and experience back to work for you as President, so that we can maintain a bright future for our union and its members.

On November 7th, vote Neil Henderson as your President.