Re-Elect Lynn Sutton for Treasurer

Re-Elect Lynn Sutton for CUPE Local 1764 Treasurer

Experience working for You!

I was very happy to accept my nomination for re-election as the Treasurer of CUPE Local 1764.  During the past 3 years, I, along with the Executive and 1764 members, have been able to put Local 1764 back into a stable financial position.  When I was elected in 2016 we were struggling financially and spiraling downwards.  With a conscious effort from everyone we are now strong and stable.  If re-elected I will continue to carry out the duties of this office with the financial accountability that is making our union stronger.

Along with my Treasurer duties, I look forward to being an integral member of the negotiating team.  I have extensive experience in contract negotiations for this local and have been involved in 5 rounds of bargaining.  The executive that you elect this November will be negotiating our next contract in 2021 and it is essential that we have experienced people leading the way as there will be many challenges ahead.

Currently I sit on the Joint Job Evaluation committee and have been on the committee for several years assessing jobs of our members and ensuring that they are paid equitably.

I have been with the Region for 27 years as a Caseworker 2 in the Income and Employment Support Division.  I became an activist 19 years ago when I wanted to have a voice in how my union dues were being spent and in the negotiation of my salary and benefits. I started as a union steward involved in Grievances and Mediations.  I moved on to be the Social Services Board Member where I was responsible for liaising between Social Services members and the union executive to ensure that their issues were being resolved. I continued with an acting position as the Benefits/Health & Safety Officer and was instrumental in negotiating resolve to many Health and Safety issues in all departments.  After this I was Recording Secretary for 4 years taking minutes at all meetings and handling letters and correspondence of the local.

Throughout my many years I have been elected to attend many CUPE Conferences, Conventions and courses which has built my strong, sensible and committed activism for our Local.

I am looking for re-election to continue to oversee the financial administration of the Local, review procedures and financial reporting and advise the membership on financial strategy.  I will continue to report to our membership monthly, stating our financial position and future goals.   As your Treasurer, I will be committed to using our resources strategically and transparently, respecting our bylaws, and trusting the membership as the highest decision-making authority.

I am hoping that you will support me in my campaign for Treasurer of Local 1764 and I promise you that, if re-elected, I will continue to strive for fairness and equality in the workplace.

Experience working for You!

  • 27 Years as Caseworker 2
  • 5 rounds of contract bargaining
  • Union Steward
  • Social Services Board Member
  • Health and Safety Officer
  • Recording Secretary of the Local
  • Joint Job Evaluation Committee
  • Extensive Union Training
  • As current Treasurer
    • Stabilized current financial position
    • Transparent, accurate reporting

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