Jody McKenna – Unit Secretary

2 years in Review, Jody Mckenna, Secretary, 1764-04

Accomplishments and tasks completed

  1. Trained in Health & Safety, Level 1
  2. Weekend training on CUPE Joint Job Evaluation Process
  3. Trained re: Bargaining Committee
  4. On Negotiating team, months of planning
    1. Succeeded in moving forward on merger with 1764 with will allow for Joint Job Evaluations with the Region of Durham staff in 1764
    2. Pay increases across the board
    3. More rights and benefits

Health care spending account

Step families included

Increase in time off for family sick leave from 3 to 5 days


  1. Supported the creation of new position in the union called “Precarious Worker Position” allowing for a voice for staff who are in precarious jobs (ie. Permanent part-time; etc)
  2. Supported the many concerns and issues with regards to Paramedics
  3. Was a voice for the PCOP position and keeping that position safe for staff
  4. Met with various staff in 1764-04 over the 2 years to listen to concerns/complaints and supported them to talk with other union stewards as appropriate
  5. Kept staff at 1764-04 up-to-date in terms of union issues that would have meaning for them
  • Introduced myself to new staff as the Secretary and shared information as appropriate
  • Attended the monthly General Members Meetings and the Executive Committee meetings to learn how the union operates and to listen to the concerns of members in the larger union
  • Supported issues that were raised in the larger union
  • Self advocated for accommodation with regards to a health issue which makes long commutes difficult and succeeded in helping to affect a policy change for staff working in the North
  • Continue to support staff and advocate on a number of issues/concerns