A collective agreement is renewed and a page is turned in Baie-Trinité

The members from CUPE Local 2633 in Baie-Trinité, QC, signed their new collective agreement on Tuesday after tough years.

We’re turning the page. We feel that the municipality is slowly but surely getting back on its feet. This collective agreement confirms the municipality’s recognition of its workers, who have gone through some dark years. In short, the wind has shifted, and a more positive future dawns,” said CUPE union representative Charlaine Sirois.

The collective agreement was renewed for six years from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2023. It calls for wage increases of 2.25% and some necessary adjustments to the rules that allow for upward movement between various wage increments.

The administration and finances of the municipality resulted in some lengthy delays, but the parties were finally able to begin negotiations, which produced an agreement in January 2019.

“Overall, we improved the working conditions of the six employees. And I’d like to add that exchanges with the new administration were quite respectful,” said Charlaine Sirois.

Source: CUPE National