Defend Our Constitution

Defend Our Constitution

Yesterday, Premier Ford’s plans to interfere in local democracy was found by the Superior Court to violate Canada’s constitution.

Now for the first time in Ontario’s history, he has threatened to use the Notwithstanding Clause so he can do it anyway.

This undermines our very democracy and is a terrifying precedent for any government to set.

Doug Ford may be the Premier, but nobody should be above the law.

We need a moment of sober second thought here. We need to ask all our MPPs to set partisanship aside and stop this from going ahead.

This is much bigger than a Toronto issue. If this is allowed to go ahead we can be sure that municipalities all across the province will experience similar interference. Our municipal governments are the level of government that most directly impacts our lives. We should not be allowing one Premier to take that power away from us.

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