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CUPE Local 1764 became a chartered union on October 3, 1974.

We are usually referred to as the inside workers of the Regional Municipality of Durham.

From Registered Early Childhood Educators, Dental Hygienists, Clerks and Planners to Paramedics, the members that make up Local 1764 are the technical and professional backbone of the Region and provide support to its residents in many different capacities. The 159 different classifications that make up our Local are all unique in the services that they provide.

Latest News

Public town hall meeting to discuss financing of new Corner Brook health care facilities on May 1

The Ball Government is about to build two health care facilities in Corner Brook using public-private partnerships (P3s), even though auditor generals, researchers and journalists across Canada continue to report on P3 failures and the waste of taxpayers’ money. Will these P3 deals be accountable, locally-controlled or a wise investment of tax dollars? Why would any provincial government rely on P3s with higher-cost private financing? […]

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Speak up for Saskatchewan’s education system

The Saskatchewan government’s plan for K-12 education is harmful to our children and our schools. In April, the Government of Saskatchewan introduced Bill 63, which amends The Education Act to give the Minister of Education more power and reduce the autonomy of school divisions. This Bill effectively removes the ability of locally elected school boards and educators to make decisions about education, and it places all decision […]

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CUPE celebrates big win in Saskatchewan as library funding is restored

Premier Brad Wall and his government have done something they rarely do – they admitted they made a mistake. After CUPE members from across the province of Saskatchewan joined forces with other community groups to organize over the past month against library cuts, Brad Wall is backing down and restoring funding for libraries across the province. The $4.8 million that was cut in last month’s budget […]

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